Car Title Loans In Kamloops with great benefits for borrowers

May 24, 2017

Instant Cash Canada can lend the amount you need

Car Title Loans Kamloops helps borrowers by providing the cash to resolve their money issues. We offer quick cash based on the value of your vehicle.

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If you own a totally paid for the vehicle, registered in your name, less than 10 years old and your current KM are 170,000 or less unless it’s a diesel then Vehicle Title Loans in Kamloops can help you to get a secured loan. An Equity loan offers you the loan amount depending on the value of the vehicle. We use liens on the vehicle to lend you cash.

  • You can contact us at # 1-866-840-7395 (toll-free)
  • We serve various cities including Kamloops in British Columbia
  • Let us help you with your unexpected problems call now!

Our loan term is up to four years. No credit checks needed, what we can offer is lower interest rates vs. our competitors. Get approved in few minutes and obtain your cash within the same day.

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