Terms & Conditions

All information you provide through the Instant Cash Canada website will be used to connect you to the appropriate lenders and/or financial service providers. Take note that by submitting your personal, contact and financial information through the Instant Cash Canada website, you are choosing, consenting, acknowledging and agreeing to have your information shared and/or sold to other financial service providers and/or lead generators to facilitate the process of connecting you to the services provided.

Contact, personal and financial information submitted by users using our website will be used to assess the user’s eligibility to obtain financial services provided. This information may be shared with other financial service partners to handle the user’s information on our behalf. All information shared to partners is strictly confidential and all partners must follow the confidentiality agreements they are bound to.

Please be aware that some lenders and lead providers with whom you are matched may keep or use your personal information even if you do not use their services. You should contact the lenders directly concerning their privacy policies as it is possible that their policies differ from Instant Cash Canada. You can request to access your personal information stored by Instant Cash Canada at any time. If you wish to redraw/remove from our database, please contact Privacy Officer of Instant Cash Canada, directly to info@instantcashcanada.com, contacting us via our Contact Us page, or by calling us at 1-866-840-7395. All requests will be addressed in no more than 72 business hours.

By submitting your contact information and checking the privacy box in the online application form, you are allowing Instant Cash Canada and/or our other partners to contact you via phone, mail, text message or email to:

  • Send you promotional and third party offers
  • Help you in completing your online application according to the required criteria
  • Verify your identity and personal information
  • (In some cases) ascertain why you have not completed the application form

The personal information you submit on our website will help us connect you to potential lenders or service providers. All emails sent from Instant Cash Canada are sent from its own web and email server, or alternative website.

Instant Cash Canada is committed to keeping your personal information confidential. We strictly follow the guidelines acknowledged by the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. In order to protect every user’s confidentiality, Instant Cash Canada discloses all information solely to our customer service agents or service representatives, who are consistently trained on current practices relating to personal information security and privacy. It is also our priority to reduce invasiveness and maximize the safety of your personal information. For this reason we only collect information required to qualify users for the financial services they request.

Instant Cash Canada has the right to change its privacy policy at any time. For the most up to date version, please visit our current Terms and Conditions page.