Get cash through a vehicle title loan or Bad Credit Car title loans in Chilliwack!

May 31, 2017

Whether you have started a business or are a small business owner and facing difficulty in existing in the market due to lack of money and resources or whether you need an auto/car loan or financing for your car.  Take a Car Equity loans from Instant Cash Canada, we can offer you cash up to $400,000 depending on the Car’s condition and model’s current worth.

As car title loans are secured by your vehicle, we do not require credit checks; therefore, people with poor or bad credit history may still qualify for a loan with us. We will approve you as long as you have a fully owned vehicle and a lien-free title.

 Instant Cash Canada has served residents of Chilliwack and other places across Canada for years, therefore, we are committed to giving our customers a positive experience with the utmost level of transparency and fairness. We offer the lowest possible rates in the market, we’ll provide you with a personalized loan solution to meet your needs.

Get quick approval for a Car Equity loans online!

Fill out the short application online and get approved in minutes. Remember to bring the basic documents including a valid driver’s license, a current registration, and insurance with collision coverage.

Benefits offered by Instant Cash Canada:

  • Any credit type acceptable
  • All makes and models accepted
  • Keep driving your car
  • Convenient payments options
  • Loan term up to 4 year
  • Payments may be as low as $97 a month

Note:  Liens on the vehicles are used to offer the loan!

Let’s get started, call Instant Cash Canada toll-free at #1-866-840-7395 to obtain cash quickly!

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