Bad Credit Car Loans Nova Scotia

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Bad Credit Car Loans Nova Scotia

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Do you have a financial crisis in Nova Scotia? Want to apply for a loan but your bad credit score is stopping you to do so? Take it easy! Bad credit car loans Nova Scotia by Instant Cash Canada can help you through your tough times! All you need is a fully owned and paid for a vehicle with a lien-free car title which is used as loan collateral.

At Instant Cash Canada, up to $40,000 can be borrowed based on the vehicle’s true market value and condition. Required paperwork is minimal so long as you can present a valid Canadian driver’s license and proof of permanent residence for bad credit auto loans Nova Scotia.

There are no credit checks or employment verifications are required for our bad credit vehicle title loan Services. We will not take your car away while you’re paying off the loan. You can easily get your cash, drive away, and make regular loan payments during the entire loan term. Get low-interest rates and the most convenient payment options with us. Our monthly payments are as low as $97.

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