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Regina, the capital city of Saskatchewan, embodies a captivating blend of history and modernity. Nestled on the vast Canadian prairies, it stands as a testament to the province’s resilience and growth. Regina’s historic downtown features elegant heritage buildings, including the majestic Legislative Building, which houses the provincial government. The city’s cultural scene thrives with art galleries, theaters, and museums, notably the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, showcasing the province’s natural and cultural heritage. Regina is home to diverse neighborhoods, each offering a unique character, from Cathedral Village’s artistic charm to the vibrant hub of Wascana Centre, surrounding the stunning Wascana Lake. The city’s thriving culinary scene reflects its multicultural fabric, while its sporting events, including the beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders football team, foster community pride. With its friendly residents and a commitment to preserving its rich heritage while embracing innovation, Regina stands as a dynamic provincial capital, inviting visitors to explore its vibrant tapestry of past and present.

Instant Cash Canada is happy to provide Car Title Loans Regina, Saskatchewan, and the surrounding areas such as Moose Jaw, Indian Head, Weyburn, Watrous, Pilot Butte, Lumsden, Caronport, Grenfell, Davidson, Assiniboia, Wynyard, Gravelbourg, Foam Lake and the Lanigan. with the fastest, transparent and most affordable financial service. We’re all about providing quick, transparent, and affordable financial solutions, especially for those who need cash on the same day. No matter your credit history whether it’s good, bad, or you don’t have any credit, we’re here to help you get the funds you need fast.


We’re experts in Car Title Loans Regina, offering them at super low interest rates and making sure our customer service is top-notch. Our special same-day service means you can get a loan exactly when you need it. Our team works closely with you to speed up the process and make sure you can access your money quickly. We’ve got a range of Long-Term financing options too, like Emergency Cash Loans, Same Day Cash Loans, Auto Pawn Loans, Equity Loans, Bad Credit Loans, Gap Loans, Collateral Loans, and more – all tailored to fit your needs. Your financial well-being is our main concern, and we’re here to help you confidently handle your financial challenges.

What Sets Instant Cash Canada Apart?

What sets us apart is our commitment to keeping those interest rates as low as they can go – that way, your loan becomes totally doable without breaking the bank. Even if you’ve been turned down by other lenders, worry not – we’re here to give you a big YES! Approvals are our specialty. We get that everyone’s needs are different, which is why our range of loan options is super flexible. And paying back your loan? Let’s make it stress-free. Our payment plans bend over backwards to fit your situation. Plus, those monthly rates? Totally affordable, starting as low as $97/month. You’ve got time too, with loan terms that stretch up to 4 years, so no rush.

When you opt for Instant Cash Canada, you’re choosing a lending partner that goes beyond conventional solutions. We understand your financial aspirations and challenges, and we’re committed to providing innovative and personalized solutions that propel you towards your goals.

  • Efficient Application Procedure
  • Instant Cash on the Same Day
  • Transparent Pricing, No Concealed Charges
  • No Penalties for Early Repayment
  • No Employment Criteria
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Adaptable and Convenient Payment Schemes
  • Receive Funds Within 60 Minutes!
  • Round-the-Clock Online Customer Support
  • Ensured 100% Satisfaction
  • Economical Rates and Manageable Installments

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We're here to lend a hand! Borrow instant cash using your car's title. Our team of loan experts is always ready to assist you and guide you through the entire loan process.

What You Need to Get Approved

At Instant Cash Canada, we offer the finest car title loans solutions. Whether you need money for urgent bills or a family vacation, we've got you covered. You're eligible to apply if you own a vehicle (like a Car, Truck, Van, S.U.V, Motorcycle, RV) that's not older than 10 years. You can borrow the amount depending on the equity of your vehciel, with a loan term that extends up to 4 years. Here's a list of everything you need to secure a title loan today:

  • Your Driver's License
  • A Vehicle without Any Existing Liens or Loans
  • Proof of Your Address
  • Your Vehicle's Registration and Insurance Details
  • Spare Keys for Your Vehicle

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Here at Instant Cash Canada, we're excited to let you know that we make sure to give you all the important information upfront before we kick start the car title loan process in Canada. This approach makes everything smoother and quicker for you. You can rest easy, knowing that we won't spring any unexpected charges on you. Our service is totally private and open, so you won't have to worry about any hidden costs or fees.


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Our swift and secure application process can be completed in a mere 5 minutes. Once you apply, we review your submission typically responding within an hour.


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Experience easy and hassle-free monthly repayment options, allowing you to pay off your loan comfortably and with peace of mind. Our repayments start at $97/month.


Lowest Interest Rates

Benefit from our commitment to offering some of the most competitive interest rates in the industry. We help you manage your finances effectively.


Keep Driving Your Vehicle

You retain the freedom to drive your vehicle after you secure a car title loan, allowing you to continue with your daily routine without interruption.

Borrow with No Credit Check

Frequently Asked Questions

Area Served

Instant Cash Canada is here to help out folks all across Canada who need quick cash solutions. We get that emergencies can pop up, and we're here to support you, no matter your financial situation or credit history. We've got customers all over Canada, and our online application is super user-friendly. Apply for your loan today and get the cash you rightfully need.

Discover a Car Title Loan Location Near You in Canada

A car title loan is a type of secured loan where you use your vehicle's title as collateral to borrow money. The loan amount is based on the equity in your vehicle, and you can continue using your vehicle while repaying the loan.

No, your credit history doesn't determine your eligibility for a car title loan with Instant Cash Canada. We offer loans to individuals with all types of credit history, including those with bad credit or no credit.

To secure a car title loan, you'll need your driver's license, a vehicle that's not older than 10 years, proof of address, your vehicle's registration and insurance details, and spare keys for your vehicle.

The loan amount you can borrow depends on the equity in your vehicle. Our experts will assess the value of your vehicle and determine the maximum loan amount you're eligible for.

Instant Cash Canada stands out for its unmatched interest rates, leading auto equity loan solutions, empowering approvals even for those rejected by conventional lenders, a diverse range of tailored loan options, adaptable payment plans, and a commitment to the Canadian community.

Our efficient application process allows you to receive funds within 60 minutes of approval. We understand the urgency of your financial needs and strive to provide quick access to the funds you require.

Yes, at Instant Cash Canada, there are no penalties for early repayment. You can pay off your loan ahead of schedule without any additional charges.


Instant Cash Canada is proud to be a 100% owned and operated Canadian loan provider, aiming to help those with financial troubles. We have been helping those in need of quick cash all across Canada for over years, with our experience and professionalism.

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